Clifton Downtown Street Fair Returns in October

Clifton Downtown Street Fair
Are you ready to party? The Clifton Downtown Street Fair is hitting the streets on Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The semi-annual fair will take place on Main Avenue, and it will include vendors, crafters, food, pony rides, kid rides, and live music. This will be a... [read more]

Adventure Awaits: Think Can You Escape?

Adventure Rooms New Jersey
Have you ever watched a TV thriller and marveled at how the characters unscramble cryptic clues and complex situations? Think you've got what it takes to crack the code? Put your reasoning and teamwork skills to the test at Adventure Rooms located in Montclair, NJ. Adventure Rooms New Jersey The ultimate test of mental... [read more]

Golf for a Cause at these Oct. Charity Golf Outings

Charity Golf Tournaments
Golfing sometimes gets a bad rap. In movies and on TV, you'll often see the inattentive CEO or absent husband swinging away on the green. But don't let Hollywood make you feel guilty about your favorite pastime. Register for one of these New Jersey golf outings, and help a good cause... [read more]

Newark Had a Blast at the Puerto Rican Day Parade

Puerto Rican Parade Newark
The city of Newark, New Jersey celebrated Puerto Rican culture, music, and art in one of the area's biggest celebrations on Sept. 17, 2017. Puerto Rican Day Parade & Boricua Music Festival The Puerto Rican Day Parade and Boricua Music Festival took place at Avenida Puerto Rico (Broadway) for the greater part... [read more]

Get A Taste of Clifton at This Food & Wine Festival

A Taste of Clifton Food & Wine Festival
It's always sad to see the weekend come to a close. The Sunday scaries set in, and Monday is a harsh jolt back to reality. Take a break from the cycle and attend A Taste of Clifton Food & Wine Festival the first Monday in October. Clifton's Favorite Food & Wine Festival On... [read more]

Best Places for a Last-Minute Gift in Clifton

A Last Minute Gift in Clifton
Special occasions like to sneak up on us. No matter how prepared you are, you'll eventually find yourself scrambling for a last-minute gift. In Clifton, New Jersey, you won't have to travel far to find a gift destination. Check out these local shops for last-minute gifts and treats. Whether it's... [read more]

Take a Day for Yourself and Enjoy One of the Top Spas in Clifton, NJ

Spas in Clifton
Between to-do lists, kids, and the constant stream of notifications begging for your attention, it's easy to forget to hit pause. What people sometimes forget is that taking time to shut down and connect with yourself isn't counterproductive. Studies show that reducing stress helps us better weigh risks and benefits,... [read more]

Amazing Coffee Shops Around Clifton and Passaic

hot cup of coffee
If you’re like most people, you’re not yourself until you get that first cup of coffee in the morning. However, whether you like your coffee in the morning, noon, or night, you won’t settle for just any cup of joe. When you find a decent coffee shop, it can almost... [read more]

Take a Walk in One of These Wonderful Parks

shoes of an athlete's feet in parks
The weather is warm and inviting, so it is time to go outside for a walk. There are lots of local parks that were meant for walking around. Stay in Clinton for your park adventure or travel to a nearby city and take in a park. No matter which you... [read more]