Explore A World of Cuisine At These Local Restaurants

woman eating pizza at a restaurant

Would you love to go on a global foodie tour to try the best cuisines in the world? Instead of spending all that money, you can try the world’s best cuisines without leaving the area. Find out where to enjoy the best Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Thai meals in and around Clifton. After you eat at these restaurants, you’ll realize that you don’t have to leave New Jersey to dine on the top dishes in the world.

Taste of Tuscany Restaurant and Pizzeria

Start your global cuisine tour at Taste of Tuscany Restaurant and Pizzeria, where you’ll be treated to the tastiest Italian food in Clifton and beyond. It’s become the go-to spot for pizza by the slice, although you can buy the entire pie as well. The pasta is also popular here, especially the tortellini. The creamy sauce is so good that you’ll clean your plate and then go home thinking about the next time you can eat it.

Sevilla Restaurant

After chowing down on Italian cuisine, it’ll be time to visit Sevilla Restaurant in Passaic to dine on Spanish fare. The tapas are on point, especially the octopus. Consider getting several appetizers to share with your friends.

Then, you’ll be ready for the main course. The menu is massive, with one delicious choice after the next. If you can’t decide what to order, try the veal. There are numerous veal options, and each one is delicious. Oh, and the broiled rack of lamb is also sure to tempt your tastebuds.

Al Basha Restaurant

Next on the list is a trip to the Middle East with a meal at Al Basha Restaurant in Patterson, NJ. You’ll want to start with the hummus and pita bread when you go here. The hummus is so flavorful that you’ll wonder why all restaurants don’t make it like this. And it wins in more categories than the flavor. It also has the perfect texture.

As good as the hummus is, save room for your entrée. All the dishes are tasty, but the chicken shawarma platter is the standout. They char the edges of the shawarma just a bit, adding some extra flavor. You’ll be in culinary nirvana while eating this.

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Clifton Thai Restaurant

A trip to Thailand is next on your world tour. Clifton Thai Restaurant might not look like much from the outside, but it serves up the best authentic Thai cuisine in the area. Plus, the interior is comfy and cozy, so you won’t have any trouble unwinding while enjoying your meal.

And what a meal it will be. The drunken noodles might be the best you’ll ever eat, and all the curry dishes are so flavorful that you won’t leave anything on your plate.

Oh, and be sure to ask for a digital stamp card when you dine here. The more you eat, the more stamps you’ll get. Once you reach the magic number, you’ll get a free entrée.

Build up an appetite, and then start your culinary tour. Be sure to try each one for the full global dining experience.

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