Plan the Perfect Wedding with Elegant Bridal Productions

Elegant Bridal Show Clifton
Becoming a blushing new bride is new and exciting! However, planning for your wedding can also be a difficult task. Attending a bridal show will provide you with an array of ideas for how to make your wedding the way you want it! So, if you are a future bride... [read more]

Top Reasons Why the Honda Ridgeline Beats The Nissan Frontier

2017 Honda Ridgeline Clifton
From traveling dirt roads to downtown streets, and carry-all to cozy comfort - this vehicle can do it all. The all-new Honda Ridgeline has gotten even better than before! This vehicle has been re-imagined, redefine, and underwent a whole new level of innovation. It includes features that will make you take... [read more]

2017 Honda HR-V: What’s Different?

2017 Honda HR-V Clifton
The 2017 Honda HR-V may wind up being a top selling automobile with its new features and improvements. This model has magic seats which offer superior movement as well as flexibility. In addition, one of the most impressive selling points of this vehicle may turn out to be the low... [read more]

Family Adventures for Spring Break 2017

family spring break at water park
At just over 10 minutes away from one another, Clifton and Passaic are practically connected. These two cities are also close to some fun family adventures that you can enjoy during spring break. Whether you want to go on an educational adventure or get the adrenaline pumping, you are close... [read more]

Spend the Day Storming the Castle!

Lambert Castle New Jersey
New Jersey is home to amazing historic castles that once housed the states wealthiest residents. Have you seen these castles around New Jersey? Alnwick Hall in Morris Township Alnwick Hall in Morris Township was once home to Rosalie & General Edward P Meany. The Castle in New Jersey was actually modeled after... [read more]

What Can You Fit In Your Honda Fit?

2016 Honda Fit Cargo Space Clifton
When purchasing a Honda Fit, one of the best things about this vehicle is that you can store a number of different items. With this particular car, you can store a wide range of items such as groceries, pets, sporting goods and camping supplies. You can also store other items... [read more]

Less Than a Tank of Gas Gets You to this Gaming Cafe

The Brooklyn Strategist
Did you know that a Neuroscientist opened a Game Café to help kids build better brain power in after school programs? That is exactly what Dr. Jon Freeman did when he opened “The Brooklyn Strategist” game café in Brooklyn, NY. Why You Should Love Board Games Table Top Games have moved past... [read more]

Honda Fit Leaves the Kia Rio in its Dust

2016 Honda Fit Comparison Clifton
The 2016 Honda Fit has established itself as one of the top subcompact cars on the market. One of its main competitors is the Kia Rio which is another subcompact car that is often bought by those seeking to purchase a subcompact car. However, the Honda Fit has emerged as... [read more]

2016 Honda HR-V Goes Head to Head with the Nissan Juke

2016 Honda HR-V Comparison Clifton
When people go out to buy vehicles, they consider many factors. They will look for something spacious, but economical to manage. These two considerations make the 2016 Honda HR-V  and the 2016 Nissan Juke the top contenders for many buyers. These vehicles have comfortable interiors, large storage space, and fuel efficient... [read more]

Celebrate Town Pride at Clifton Day

2016 Clifton Day Festival
Nothing says town pride quite like the annual Clifton Day Festival! This year’s festival will be held on Sunday, October 9th and there is going to be a lot to do for Clifton Residents of all ages! Shopping & Entertainment on Clifton Day Every year the Clifton Day Festival brings together some... [read more]