Branch Out For Breakfast With These International Ideas

Italian Vegetable Fritatta
If your morning meals have become a boring menu of scrambled eggs, cereal, or toast and jam, then you'll love these international breakfast ideas. We've rounded up some of the tastier recipes from around the web with a mix of flavors from across the globe.  Here are three international recipes... [read more]

Make Your Kitchen Shine With These Cleaning Tips

Woman cleaning a microwave
It's that time of year. You're making a checklist of spring cleaning items and we're here to help. So, here are several tips on how to make your kitchen shine and your appliances sparkle. Cleaning Tips for Dishes Cast Iron Skillet -Taking care of a cast-iron skillet is a bit more... [read more]

When Is It Better To Fix Your Car Or Trade It In?

Photo of young man is fixing his car
Each time your car breaks down, you’re faced with a big decision. Should you repair it or trade it for a new vehicle? Find out what factors to consider when deciding to repair or trade your car. Then you’ll know which decision is right for you. Consider the Repair Costs Is your... [read more]

Celebrate National Chili Day With These Recipes

Classic Southwestern Chili in a Cast Iron
Did you know that Feb. 24 is National Chili Day? You don’t have to order takeout or open a can to celebrate this year. Instead, you can whip up something fantastic with these mouthwatering chili recipes. Check out these taste bud tempting options, starting with chili con carne. Chili Con Carne If... [read more]

Try Growing Some New Veggies This Spring

fruit freshly harvested in mesh basket in farmer's hand in summer kitchen garden.
Are you tired of growing the same veggies year after year? Sure, you love cucumbers and carrots, but you’d also like to mix it up. Instead of doing the same thing this year, add these new veggies to your garden. Mouse Melons Have you ever heard of mouse melons? They look like... [read more]

Make A Meal For Two This Valentine’s Day

shrimp stir fry
You don’t have to spend top dollar at a fancy restaurant to impress your date this Valentine’s Day. Instead, you can whip up a meal for two to share on the romantic holiday. Check out some easy-to-make dinner recipes that are ideal for date night. Pistachio-Crusted Salmon Romance won’t be the only... [read more]

Get The Scoop On The 2022 Honda Civic Type R

2022 Honda Civic
The auto world has been abuzz ever since Honda revealed the prototype for the 2022 Honda Civic Type R. It also announced it’ll arrive in 2022. While Honda has yet to provide any more details, there’s a lot you can glean from the prototype. Check out some of the most... [read more]

Enjoy A Taste Of Northern Italy With These Milanese Classics

Risotto "Milanese"
You don’t have to travel to Italy to enjoy the tastes of Milan. Instead, you can use these traditional Milanese recipes to make dinner at home. They’re easy to follow, and you’re sure to love the results. Your entire family will appreciate the effort when they dig into these mouthwatering... [read more]

Take Care Of Your Skin On Even The Coldest Days

cropped shot of beautiful woman in bathrobe applying face cream
Does your skin tend to get dry or damaged in the cold winter months? It’s a normal problem, but fortunately, it’s easy to remedy. Check out some ways you can take care of your skin this winter. Then your skin will be soft and healthy, no matter how cold it... [read more]

Don’t Miss The Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Silhouette of astronomical telescope and countryside.
Did you know that the first meteor shower of 2022 is happening right now? It’s called the Quadrantid meteor shower, and it runs through Jan. 12. While you might catch a glimpse of the shower near the end of its run, the best dates for viewing are Jan 2-3. Get... [read more]