Stop By The Salute To The Veterans Concert

Veterans Concert
Have some fun while you honor those who have served our country at the annual Salute to the Veterans Concert on Monday, September 17, 2018, from 6:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. This year’s event will be held at the Boys and Girls Club of Clifton. Food, Fun, Music & Dancing This year’s... [read more]

Tackle The Road In A Honda Civic

Do you occasionally hear the call of the open road? That voice that beckons you away from the day-to-day grind, the traffic-clogged commute, the errand marathons and the carpool pickups and the endless shuttling of kids from one place to the next? This is the kind of thing the Honda... [read more]

Find Fresh Veggies At Ploch’s Farm

In a world filled with hamburgers, steaks, and hot dogs, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the importance of a balanced diet. For many people, choosing a salad over a cheeseburger takes a lot of willpower. However, we must always try to make a conscious effort to give our body... [read more]

Five Reasons The Honda Pilot Is The Ultimate Family Car

Honda Pilot
The market for crossover vehicles is virtually exploding with options, and they each bring a little something different to the table. Many people in the market for this type of vehicle plan to use it as their primary family transportation, so they’re looking for many of the same things –... [read more]

Best Places To Grab Lunch In Clifton

Maybe you’re tired of brown-bagging it every day, or you need a break from your go-to lunch spots. Whatever the reason you’re seeking a change of pace for your midday meal, the options in Clifton abound. There’s something here to suit every budget, every palate, and every craving, from tapas... [read more]

Why The Honda Accord Is The Car For You

Honda Accord
Don’t get fooled by what you see on the roads of Clifton, Paramus, and Passaic – while indeed the almighty crossover vehicle is out in full force, there is still a very active market for a longtime driver favorite – the midsize car. Take one of the best options in... [read more]

Have Some Fun At Weasel Brook Park

Family In The Park
At 19 acres, Weasel Brook Park was built to let people enjoy nature. The park has meadows, walking paths, a spray park, and so much more. With so many things to do at the park, it can be hard to decide how to spend your day. Let’s look at some... [read more]

Visit The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Botanical Garden
Imagine getting to enjoy irises as far as the eye can see without spending any money. That’s just what you can do at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens. This nonprofit living museum is free to the public, although it does accept donations. Along with the gardens, you can visit the... [read more]

Catch A New Jersey Jackals Game This Summer

Baseball Fans
Baseball season has arrived, and you can see your favorite sport in person by attending a New Jersey Jackals game. This independent minor league team is part of the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball and was formed in 1998. Over the years, the Jackals have built a reputation for... [read more]

Celebrate World Emoji Day This Month

World Emoji Day is right around the corner on July 17. This isn’t just another quirky holiday. It validates your obsession with emojis. Just think of how many emojis you’ve already sent today. They are a part of your life, so you might as well celebrate. So, just how should you... [read more]