Fall Tips For Car Care

Blue car on the road in the natural park. Beautiful view of the autumnal way with colorful leaves on it.
Throughout the year, you should keep your car clean, replace tires if needed, and take it to a reputable dealership, like Garden State Honda in Clifton, New Jersey, for scheduled maintenance. However, as the fall season rolls around, you’ll want to focus on a few additional things. After all, winter... [read more]

3 Packed Lunch Ideas For Kids

School lunch with a note
Some schools serve nutritious and delicious lunches, and some don’t. As a responsible parent, you want your kid to eat healthy, even when away from home. Considering the few food options and poor nutritional balance of lunches served at school, this is your chance to make an impression. Your child... [read more]

Fall Is Here, And That Means Pumpkin Spice

Sweet Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee
For many people, fall is their favorite time of the year. Especially after a blistering hot summer, the cooler temperatures are a nice relief. People also love watching the leaves turn from green to yellow, red, and orange. Then, there are all the wonderful fragrances that go along with fall.... [read more]

7 Tasty Tailgate Snacks

Hot dogs for game day
Almost everyone loves football. It’s fun to watch games at home. However, there’s a better way. You can meet up with family members or friends at the stadium. If you want to make your tailgating party a success, here’s one sure way: Bring unique and tasty tailgate snacks. You might... [read more]

The Honda Civic Named North American 2022 Car Of The Year

Honda Civic
It is normal to feel a lot of stress when shopping for a vehicle. This is a big decision, and it is one that has some significant financial implications. Plus, you will rely on this vehicle just about every day, so you need to make a good choice. You can’t... [read more]

Rethink Your Kid’s Lunches With These Meals

kid's lunch box
When making lunch for your children, sandwiches are usually a parent’s go-to choice. After all, sandwiches are fast, easy, and offer many options. However, it’s not unusual to expect kids to grow tired of the same old thing for lunch day after day. The good news is you have options.... [read more]

Everyone Should Try This Local Favorite

Eating breakfast at diner
It isn’t always easy to find a great restaurant you can count on for any meal of the day. But if you live in or around Clifton, NJ, you must stop by Nutley Diner. There’s something for everyone here. Furthermore, it’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The variety is... [read more]

Homemade Ice Cream Has Never Been This Easy

homemade vanilla ice cream
Few things go with summer more than ice cream. It’s perfect for a hot, sunny day. However, it doesn’t have to be summer for you to enjoy a dish of ice cream or this sweet treat in a cone. Moreover, if you’re looking for a cool, delicious dish, try making... [read more]

Tire Balance Vs. Wheel Alignment: What’s The Difference?

Wheel alignment equipment on a car wheel in a repair station
You probably know that taking care of your tires is essential, but the different tasks can sometimes be confusing. For example, if you aren’t sure what the difference is between tire balancing and wheel alignment, you’re not alone. Many people confuse these maintenance issues, but the truth is they achieve... [read more]

Savor Your Seafood With These Fish Dishes

Fish and chips
You don’t have to search for new restaurants in Clifton, NJ, if you’re looking to change up your dinner. Perhaps all you need is to revisit some old favorites. Seafood can be a versatile and tasty place to start when thinking about dinner. In addition, many types of seafood like... [read more]