Pair Your Diploma With A New Honda

red SUV in parking lot with people approaching
Are you a recent college graduate in the market for a new Honda? If so, then Garden State Honda has just the offer for you. You see, you can save $500 off any 2022 or newer Honda vehicle courtesy of our Honda Graduate Program. All that you have to be... [read more]

Clifton On Screen: Stars And Directors From Our City

Professional cameraman with headphones with HD camcorder in live television
Have you always felt there’s something special about Clifton, NJ? It’s a great city to live in, and it’s also a place where stars are born. Check out three stars born in Clifton and went on to do remarkable things in Hollywood. These actors and directors are another reason to... [read more]

Savor Some Seafood With These Classic Recipes

Portion of Shrimp Alfredo Pasta close-up
Are you torn between savoring some seafood and relaxing at home? You can have the best of both worlds by whipping up a delicious seafood dinner. These recipes will help you make a restaurant-caliber meal that you can enjoy without going out. Get the details to find out how to... [read more]

Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Companion

driving during spring showers
Did you know that National Pet Month is in May? It’s the ideal time to honor the bond you have with your companion, so you want to go beyond regular walks and games of fetch. Thus, check out some ways to celebrate with your pet. You’re sure to create some... [read more]

Safe Driving Tips For All The April Showers

driving during spring showers
You’re relieved that the roads are clear of snow, but now, you have to get ready for the April showers. All that rain can make the roads hazardous, so you need to be careful when driving. Thus, check out some tips to stay safe when driving in the rain. Check Your... [read more]

Springtime Fun Around New Jersey

Just as the flowers are starting to make their appearance throughout New Jersey, people are starting to venture out and bask in the warm glow that accompanies spring. Fortunately for us, we live in a state that offers a variety of things to do, ranging from beautiful parks to historic... [read more]

Branch Out For Breakfast With These International Ideas

Italian Vegetable Fritatta
If your morning meals have become a boring menu of scrambled eggs, cereal, or toast and jam, then you'll love these international breakfast ideas. We've rounded up some of the tastier recipes from around the web with a mix of flavors from across the globe.  Here are three international recipes... [read more]

Make Your Kitchen Shine With These Cleaning Tips

Woman cleaning a microwave
It's that time of year. You're making a checklist of spring cleaning items and we're here to help. So, here are several tips on how to make your kitchen shine and your appliances sparkle. Cleaning Tips for Dishes Cast Iron Skillet -Taking care of a cast-iron skillet is a bit more... [read more]

When Is It Better To Fix Your Car Or Trade It In?

Photo of young man is fixing his car
Each time your car breaks down, you’re faced with a big decision. Should you repair it or trade it for a new vehicle? Find out what factors to consider when deciding to repair or trade your car. Then you’ll know which decision is right for you. Consider the Repair Costs Is your... [read more]

Celebrate National Chili Day With These Recipes

Classic Southwestern Chili in a Cast Iron
Did you know that Feb. 24 is National Chili Day? You don’t have to order takeout or open a can to celebrate this year. Instead, you can whip up something fantastic with these mouthwatering chili recipes. Check out these taste bud tempting options, starting with chili con carne. Chili Con Carne If... [read more]