9 Reasons You Should Be A Honda Owner

Smiling man and two kids looking out the window of their new Honda
There are many solid reasons that Honda is such a mainstay in the automotive world. This brand is built on a foundation of excellence stretching back to its earliest days of auto manufacturing - and it has only improved over time. Today's Honda vehicles stand out for their quality, reliability,... [read more]

Car Wash Brushes You’ll Need This Year!

A person cleaning a black midsize sedan. with soap and water.
You've heard the saying, "if you want a job done right, do it yourself," and that definitely applies to washing your car. Though car washes can be great if you're short on time, there's nothing like the satisfaction of detailing every inch of your vehicle's exterior until it shines. That... [read more]

Take A Look Into These Honda SUVs

A blue Honda Pilot against a lake.
The Honda CR-V and the Honda Pilot are two of the automaker's most popular SUVs, and for good reason. Both offer plenty of passenger and cargo space, modern technology and conveniences, robust driver assistance suites, and excellent driving dynamics. If you're torn between these two vehicles, take a look at... [read more]

Learn Something New At The Newark Museum

You may think that learning something new takes a lot of time and effort that you just can’t manage given your currently busy schedule. But that’s far from the case, especially when you decide to visit a museum. Wondering where you should go if you want to see a variety... [read more]

Visit The Van Vleck House And Gardens

Van Vleck House and Gardens
Do you ever wish you could explore the local area more and see what’s out there? There are so many beautiful spots you can visit without even having to go far from home. One of the loveliest places in the local area is the Van Vleck House and Gardens in... [read more]

Visit Gamers Paradise

Gamers Paradise
Video games are a ton of fun, but do you ever feel like you wish you could play games in a more social setting? After all, if you like playing, it might be even more fun if you could make friends and play with them in the process. Before, that... [read more]

Try These Clifton Food Trucks

Food Trucks
There may be times when you’re out on the town or at home and get hungry, but you just don’t feel like making something to eat. In fact, it happens to most people on at least a weekly basis. However, you may not want to go out to eat all... [read more]

Brighton Asylum: ‘The Scariest Place On Earth’

Brighton Asylum
It might not be Halloween, but that doesn't mean you can't still give yourself a good scare! Skip the scary movies, and make your way straight toward Brighton Asylum in Passaic, New Jersey. It might just be the most terrifying place on earth. There, you’ll find ghouls, ghosts, and zombies... [read more]