Savor Some Seafood With These Classic Recipes

Portion of Shrimp Alfredo Pasta close-up

Are you torn between savoring some seafood and relaxing at home? You can have the best of both worlds by whipping up a delicious seafood dinner. These recipes will help you make a restaurant-caliber meal that you can enjoy without going out. Get the details to find out how to make shrimp alfredo, seared scallops, and fritto misto.

Easy Shrimp Alfredo

If you’re in the mood for seafood but don’t have a lot of time to spend on cooking, this Easy Shrimp Alfredo recipe will do the trick. It only requires 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to cook so that dinner will be served in a half hour. And what a dinner it will be, thanks to the divine creamy garlic sauce and tender, mouthwatering shrimp. In fact, it’s so good that you can even serve it during a dinner party.

Seared Scallops

Do you love scallops, but they always turn rubbery when making them at home? That’ll be a thing of the past when you follow this recipe for Seared Scallops, courtesy of Alton Brown. And it’s even faster than the Shrimp Alfredo recipe so that dinner can be ready in less than 10 minutes. It might not take much time, but your family will be impressed by the golden-brown sear on the scallops. They might compare it to a five-star dining experience.

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Fritto Misto

Do you want to serve your meal in courses? If so, this Fritto Misto appetizer is a fantastic way to start dinner. It’s full of goodies, including squid, shrimp, and squash, and everything’s coated in a tasty batter. And since it only takes one to three minutes to fry the ingredients, you can make an extra batch quickly if you’re serving a large number of guests.

Are you getting hungry just thinking about eating these dishes? If so, grab the ingredients today so you can whip up a phenomenal meal this evening.

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