Must-Try Clifton Food Trucks

Food Truck
Sometimes, you don’t have the time for a sit-down restaurant. You want to walk over to a food truck, order something, and get it fast. Then, you can walk and eat while exploring. You’re in luck if you live in Clifton. The Clifton area has some of the best food... [read more]

Get to the Great Meadow for National Day of Outside Play

great meadow
This winter was long, wasn’t it? It seemed like it was never going to end, but it’s finally in the rearview mirror, and you can start thinking of enjoying the great outdoors. Get a jump start on that enjoyment by attending the National Day of Outdoor Play on May 19.... [read more]

Take a Closer Look at What the Honda Clarity Brings to the Market

2018 Honda Clarity
The 2018 Honda Clarity is an exceptional vehicle. This hybrid offers great features inside and out, and it will provide you with a driving experience to remember. Exterior Features What makes the 2018 Honda Clarity an ideal choice for safety conscious drivers? Its seamless strength is ahead of its time. Notice this... [read more]

You Do Not Want to Miss NJ Street Feast

NJ Street Fest
What’s better than a feast at a sit-down restaurant? A street feast, of course. NJ Street Feast will be on May 19 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It will be at the Frank A. Vincent Marina and will have food trucks, craft beer, music, and so much more. Admission... [read more]

Make It a Sushi Night in Clifton

If you’ve visited many sushi places, you know that some are better than others. Some places serve amazing sushi, while others only serve so-so dishes. You won’t have to worry about bad sushi ruining your night if you go to any of these Clifton sushi restaurants. These places serve up... [read more]

What Safety Features Does a Honda Have?

When you’re cruising around Clifton/Passaic, you have two things in mind. One, you are excited to make it to your favorite activity or attraction, and two, you want to get there safely. Hondas are loaded with safety features, so you’ll be safe as could be, whether you are going to... [read more]

Get to Know the Honda Clarity at Garden State Plaza

honda clarity
The Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid embodies the latest innovation in sustainable driving. Come experience the future at the upcoming Clarity Drive event. Garden State Plaza Drive Event See everything the new Honda Clarity has to offer, and feel it out for yourself at the Drive Event on May 4–5, 2018. This event will... [read more]

Make It a Date Night at Tree Tavern Wine Bar

Tree Tavern Wine Bar
You want to have a fun date night, and that means you want to try something new. You don’t want to do the dinner and the movie thing, so consider going to Tree Tavern Wine Bar. You’ll impress your date and have a great time at this wine bar. Between... [read more]