Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Companion

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Did you know that National Pet Month is in May? It’s the ideal time to honor the bond you have with your companion, so you want to go beyond regular walks and games of fetch. Thus, check out some ways to celebrate with your pet. You’re sure to create some lasting memories when you use these ideas.

Have a Photoshoot With Your Pet

Your phone’s camera roll is probably full of candid shots of your pet, but has it ever had a photoshoot? Clifton, NJ, has tons of pet photographers available to take on the project. Then you’ll have an album of gorgeous photographs that you can treasure forever. And your pet will love being the star for the day.

Embark on a New Adventure with Your Pet

You can also have some fun by introducing a new activity into your pet’s routine. It doesn’t have to be anything wild to make an impact on your pet. For example, you can take your dog on an unexplored hiking trail or give your cat a new interactive toy. Pets love stimulation, and nothing is more stimulating than a new adventure.

Make a Homemade Meal for Your Pet

You can also change things up when it comes to dinner. Instead of giving your pet its normal kibble, consider preparing a homemade meal. First, check with your vet to get some ideas of what you can and can’t feed your dog or cat. That way, you won’t make the mistake of introducing dangerous foods into your pet’s diet. Also, this is wise if your pet is on a special diet. For instance, if your cat is on a diet to protect its kidneys, you need to be careful of what foods it eats so you don’t cause damage. However, once you get the OK from your vet, you can provide a taste bud tempting meal that your pet will love.

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Pamper Your Pet With a New Scratching Post or Bed

National Pet Month is also a good time to splurge on something for your pet. If you have a cat, a new scratching post might be in order. Cats have a natural scratching instinct, so they will love getting to act on it. Plus, you’ll appreciate it when your cat scratches the post instead of your furniture.

Your dog won’t be interested in a scratching post, but it would love a memory foam bed. The cushiony foam provides the ultimate relaxation, so it can drift off to sleep after spending a fun day with you.

You can also add some of your ideas to the list of ways to celebrate National Pet Month. Then you can spend a full month spoiling your pet.

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