Make Your Kitchen Shine With These Cleaning Tips

Woman cleaning a microwave

It’s that time of year. You’re making a checklist of spring cleaning items and we’re here to help. So, here are several tips on how to make your kitchen shine and your appliances sparkle.

Cleaning Tips for Dishes

  • Cast Iron Skillet -Taking care of a cast-iron skillet is a bit more complicated than your other pots and pans. To properly clean a cast-iron skillet, rinse away any food residue as soon as the pan has cooled. You can use a very small amount of soap. Then, rinse and dry the pan with a paper towel. Keep the seasoning up to par by applying a small amount of oil to the surface after each cleaning.
  • Baking Sheet – If you have baked-on food stuck to your baking sheet, follow these instructions to make it look as good as new. Sprinkle the baking sheet with baking soda, add a little hydrogen peroxide then top it off with a little more baking soda. Let the pan sit for a few hours, then you should be able to wipe it clean with little effort.
  • Non-stick Pans – Avoid putting your non-stick pans in the dishwasher. Instead, wash them with warm, soapy water. For tougher cleaning jobs, fill the pan with water and baking soda. Then let it simmer on the stove for a while before wiping it clean.

Refresh Your Small Appliances

  • Coffee Maker – To keep your morning cup of jo tasting spectacular, wash your carafe, brew basket, and lid every day. Then deep clean your coffee maker once a month. How? Fill the water reservoir with 50% water and %50 vinegar, then run it through the brewing process. Afterward, let it sit for 15 minutes then run the coffee-maker two more times with clean water to rinse it clean.
  • Microwave – This one is easy. Just fill a large bowl with lemon and water and nuke it in the microwave for five minutes. The steam will make it easy for you to wipe away any cooked-on food, and the lemon will make it smell great.

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Deep Cleaning Large Appliances

  • Oven – If your oven doesn’t have a self-cleaning function try one of these manual oven cleaning methods.
  • Refrigerator – Roll up your sleeves to tackle this job. Empty the entire fridge, remove any detachable shelves or drawers and let them soak while you wipe down the interior of the fridge with dish soap and water. Then wash your drawers and shelves and put them back in.

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