Get Creative For National Creative Beginnings Month

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Have you been waiting for inspiration to strike and activate your creative side? Timing can be just as powerful as inspiration, so hit the ground running during National Creative Beginnings Month. It runs through May, so you’re only a handful of days behind. The late start might have knocked you on your heels, so check out some National Creative Beginnings Month activities so you can jump in with ease. These ideas will stimulate the creative part of your brain, which might lead to your ideas or activities. Start with these activities, and then go where the inspiration takes you.

Make Your Own Vertical Garden

It’s probably safe to say Patrick Blanc felt inspired and creative when he invented the first vertical garden. How else could he have found a way to grow robust gardens in tight spaces? Most people didn’t even realize it was a problem, but he still came up with an innovative solution. In fact, his solution was such a hit that even people in large homes can’t help but try their hands at vertical gardening.

While you won’t need to reach the level of creativity Blanc required when figuring out how to use hydroponics to grow plants, you will still need to come up with a plan. People often say that vertical gardening is as easy or challenging as you want, so you can go all out or throw it together quickly.

Don’t walk away and leave the garden behind when done, though. Plants are known to inspire creativity, so hang out for a bit. That might be when your creative ideas start forming.

Sketch a Mandala

You can also let those creative juices flow with an art project. However, you don’t need to make something worthy of a museum for this activity. Instead, you can keep it simple by drawing a mandala. There’s something calming about sketching the geometric design, so some people do it for the soothing effects.

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Make a Photo Journal to Document the Month

Do you prefer channeling your creativity through the camera lens? If so, grab your camera and choose a photo-friendly location. Then head over, snap a single pic, and document the time. You’ll want to do the same thing again daily until May comes to an end. Be sure to go to the same place at the same time so you can compare the photos.

You don’t have to write the great American novel, paint a masterwork, and have photographs hanging in a gallery to spend time being creative. Whether you’re a creative genius or like to have some fun, this month is for you. And by nudging yourself into the creative space, you’ll exercise those muscles, making it easier to get started in the future.

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