A Deeper Look at the New Civic Si

2017 Honda Civic Si Front
What does the Si stand for in Civic Si? It technically stands for “sport injected,” but a better word might be “sick”, as in this is a sick ride! That’s all thanks to the turbocharged engine and unique features that make it the standalone car in the Civic lineup. Get... [read more]

Shop Until You Drop at The Promenade Shops at Clifton, NJ

Promenade Shops
Looking for new places to discover amazing items? Make sure you check the Promenade Shops and Dining in Clifton, NJ this Summer! Dining in Different Cultures The Promenade Shops are not only home to some of the best local shopping in NJ, but they also, offer some of the most amazing dining... [read more]

Come Join Us at The Meadowlands State Fair 2017!

State Fair
Then join us this June 22-July 8th for the Meadowlands State Fair in New Jersey! You will have the opportunity to choose from some of the tastiest fair foods and take part in some of the most fun activities of the summer! Food With the luxury of having over 30 different kinds... [read more]

4 Tips for Detailing Your Honda

Man detailing vehicle with microfiber cloth
Your Honda looked great when you drove it off the lot, but then life happened. Muddy shoes, spilled drinks, and bad weather have all taken a toll, and your Honda looks less than sharp. Get it back to its original pristine condition by following some detailing tips. These tips will... [read more]

Spend Your Summer at These Awesome Montclair Attractions

Montclair, New Jersey is a small suburban gem to the people here. It gives you the New York City vibe without all the traffic and intensity. Located in this small city are some of the yummiest food joints and the best shopping in the whole state! Check out the list... [read more]

Free Attractions to Visit in New Jersey

People visit art galleries and other free attractions
You don’t need money in your pocket to have a good time in New Jersey. You just need to hit up one of the state’s numerous free attractions! There are tons of options out there, but four stand out. If you find yourself around any of these attractions, be sure... [read more]

Ride Out to the Kenilworth Street Fair and Car Show

Young woman enjoying a street fair
The Kenilworth Street Fair and Car Show offers all of the fun you've been searching for! This event takes place on Sunday, May 21st in Kenilworth, NJ from 10 AM until 4 PM. Make sure you check out all of the awesome attractions - including a car show around Harding... [read more]

Hit the Trail: 10 Awesome Bike Trails in NJ

Bicyclist rides on bike trail in the park
If you love riding your bike, it’s time to load it up and hit the trails. New Jersey has tons of awesome bike trails. Take a look at the state’s 10 best. Then, see how many you can visit this year. Ocean City Boardwalk The Ocean City Boardwalk offers stunning ocean views... [read more]