Don’t Wait For Windshield Cracks To Widen

Smashed windscreen of a car, damaged glass

Windshield cracks can happen out of the blue. While driving, other cars can sometimes send rocks and other items flying into the air. But when they hit your windshield, they can chip or crack it. And although the crack might start small, it can quickly spread and become a big problem. Here’s why you don’t want to wait to fix those pesky windshield cracks.

A Cracked Windshield Isn’t Safe

Although many cracks start small, they can widen quickly. But even small cracks indicate that your windshield is not as strong as it needs to be. In fact, a cracked windshield can make your risk of injury much higher. In addition, your windshield is part of the car in ways you might not expect. For example, if you have an accident and your car rolls, the windshield can help support your car’s roof. The windshield also plays a role in side airbags deploying more safely to protect you.

It’s Cheaper to Fix Them When They’re Small

Little chips and cracks are much easier and cheaper to fix. Sometimes, your mechanic or a glass repair shop can quickly fill the chip or crack. Often, they use a bonding agent or adhesive that helps prevent the crack from growing. But if you wait, the damage can spread, and you may have to replace the entire windshield.

Another Unexpected Cost

In many places, a cracked windshield can lead to an expensive ticket and fine. In some areas, you might get a warning ticket. If you fix the crack and law enforcement inspects it, you can resolve the ticket. But in other cases, you could pay a significant fine even if you intended to fix the crack. Another way you might face unexpected costs is if you try to go through your insurance. For example, your policy might fully cover repairs for small cracks under a certain size. But if you wait and allow the damage to grow, the policy may no longer cover the cost of repair.

They Grow So Quickly

Many things can affect how quickly a tiny crack grows and spreads. For instance, heat and sunlight can speed up the process. If you continue to drive a lot, the movement and bouncing can also cause the crack to spread. Other things that can make repairs harder are dirt and moisture getting into the crack.

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Don’t Take the Chance

Although a small crack is annoying and frustrating, waiting to fix it is a mistake. You can save money, time, and grief if you tackle the issue as soon as possible. If you need a repair or other key maintenance, we’re here to help. At Garden State Honda in Clifton, New Jersey, you can schedule maintenance and stay safe on the road. Make an appointment with our service department today to keep your car in great shape.

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