These Dairy-Free Sides Are Perfect For Your Turkey Day Feast!

Dinner rolls for Thanksgiving

Chances are you have some family members with special diets. If you know that someone who can’t have milk or dairy is coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, you will love these dairy-free recipes. Just because they have an allergy doesn’t mean they have to miss out on holiday favorites! Take a look at these dairy-free recipes the entire table will love this season!

Vegan Mashed Potatoes

All you will need for this recipe is Yukon gold potatoes, vegan butter, roasted garlic, sea salt, black pepper, and chives. You won’t believe how creamy and delicious these dairy-free potatoes are. You will be coming back for seconds, and even thirds.

Maple-Cranberry Sauce

Add some sweetness to your dishes with this maple-cranberry sauce. The maple syrup, tangerine, and cinnamon make for a great sauce. Add the sweet sauce to mashed potatoes, turkey, and your dessert.

Smashed Potatoes with Garlic Pesto

Tender, crispy, and pesto-glazed potatoes are the way to go this holiday season. This vegan and gluten-free recipe would make a great appetizer or side dish.

Turnip Fries

Craving fries but need a break from potatoes? Turnip fries are the next best thing. Take your turnips, old bay seasoning, garlic powder, and black pepper and enjoy the delicious taste of turnip fries. You won’t even miss french fries after tasting these turnips.

Green Beans with Lemon Gremolata

Add a twist to your green bean recipe and try broiled green beans with lemon gremolata. The green bean lovers at the table will enjoy this dish and probably ask for seconds.

Perfect Vegan Cornbread

Dairy-free? No problem. Flax egg, unsweetened plain almond milk, and vegan butter make a great cornbread. Your family will have no idea it is dairy-free.

Vegan Gluten-Free Mac ‘n’ Cheese

We know what you’re thinking. Dairy-free Mac n’ Cheese? Yep, you read that right! This recipe is super simple, creamy, cheesy, and filling.

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No Bean Chili

Ditch the beans, sour cream, and cheese with this dairy-free chili recipe. BTW, a creamy, wholesome bowl of chili would pair great with the vegan cornbread recipe.

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