Tips For Your Holiday Travel

Rear view of a woman at the airport holding a passport with a boarding pass as she walks to her departure gate

As the holidays begin this December, many people will hit the road and take to the sky to visit family. Whether you are visiting your childhood home for some pumpkin pie or partaking in new traditions with your in-laws out-of-state, traveling is inevitable for many this Christmas season. While traveling can make some people anxious, you can journey to your destination like a confident pro with these tips.

Stay Connected

When you are traveling it is important to stay in the know. There are so many apps that can help you stay connected whether you are traveling via airplane or car. GasBuddy and SitOrSquat are just a few apps that can assist you as you travel on the road to know the location of great gas prices and clean bathrooms. If you are concerned about how long you will have to spend in security at the airport, then apps like GateGuru are reliable resources.

Pack Lightly

You certainly don’t need a lot of extra baggage when traveling for the holidays. If you are traveling by airplane, try to only bring carry-ons. With carry-ons, you won’t have to worry about waiting for or losing your luggage.

Ship Gifts or Give Gift Cards

When packing lightly for your holiday travels, you do have to consider gifts. For this reason, it may be wise to ship your presents to wherever you are headed ahead of time. Or simply give your loved ones gift cards to their favorite stores.

Travel On The Actual Holiday

If you are traveling by airplane, you will want to plan the best day to travel. It may sound surprising, but the best day to travel during the holidays is on the actual holiday. Everyone else traveling by airplane tends to leave a day or two before. Avoid the the commotion of all the other travelers by flying on the actual holiday, and make sure to travel really early in the morning.

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Take a Breath

Even the most experienced travelers cannot plan for everything. There may be unexpected delays, long lines, traffic, crying babies, etc. The best thing you can do is to simply take a breath. Remember just to take one moment at a time. Even if things don’t turn out exactly as you had planned, you will be with your loved ones soon enough where you can regale them with tales of all your traveling adventures.

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