Hot Weather Safety Tips For Your Pets

Hot Weather Safety Tips For Your Pets

The summer weather can get extreme for everyone, especially your pets. While you can know when to get out of the heat, your dog or cat cannot verbally communicate with you that they need a break from the sun. ASPCA provides you with understanding how to recognize signs of overheating. There are also tips to provide safety from the hot weather for your pets. Learn how to care for your pet during the hot summer weather.

Signs of Overheating

While you always want to prevent overheating, it is important to recognize if your pet is suffering from overheating. Your pet may be overheated if they are having issues breathing, drooling a lot,  or panting excessively. If your pet is slow and lethargic, then they could be suffering from heat exhaustion. Extreme signs of overheating included an increased heart rate, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and even seizures as well as a raised body temperature of over 104 degrees.

Safety Tips

Now, that you know the signs of overheating, you definitely want to avoid your dog or cat struggling from heat exhaustion at all costs. ASPCA does offer several suggestions to help your pet enjoy a cool summer. The most obvious is to always have fresh, cold water for your pup or kitten. Do not let your pet over exercise on hot days. When you are away from the house, make sure that your pet has a shady spot if they must remain outside. However, you really need to let your pet stay inside with the AC on. While they are inside, keep unscreened windows closed.

Your pet will not always be at home. Whether you are attending a pet-friendly event or visiting the park, you need to make sure your dog or cat is safe from the sun. Asphalt can get extremely hot. You know how painful that can be when you are walking on your bare feet. Imagine how it must feel for your pet’s paw pads. Your dog does not get the luxury of wearing shoes. When you are walking your dog, walk them during the coolest part of the days such as early morning or in the evening. If you have to walk them outside during the middle of the day, try keeping them on the grass.

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Other Notes

While all breeds of cats and dogs need to be kept safe during the hot summer months, there are particular breeds that need extra care and attention. If you have a dog or cat with a flat face, such as a Pug or Persian cat, then be aware that they can suffer from a heat stroke much easier than other types of dogs or cats. Pets that are also overweight or older can struggle more in the heat, so take extra care with these animals.

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