Deck The Roads With These Car Christmas Decor Ideas

Garage with bows

Tis the season. Your hanging lights on your home. Getting a tree. Donning your favorite holiday attire. What about your vehicle? After all, more and more people are adding a little festive touch to their automobiles this time of year. You should, too. Deck the roads with these car Christmas decor ideas and you can carry the spirit of the season with you all over town.


It’s hard to go wrong with lights. Grab some battery-powered multi-colored or white lights and hang them all over your car. Make sure they’re solidly attached, though.


Deer antlers are a popular addition. In fact, get the set with the red nose and turn your car into Rudolph on wheels. They even come with a tail for your trunk.

Merry Christmas Sticker

Sending a message of good cheer to those behind you is always a nice gesture. With a Merry Christmas vinyl sticker you can do just that. It’s easily removable and comes in a variety of sizes.

Santa Legs

Back around Halloween, you probably noticed a few cars with witch and other legs coming out of the trunk. Well, it’s starting to catch on with Santa, and generating quite a few laughs for those who see him.

Air Freshener

Who says turning your car into a festive Christmas automobile has to appeal only to people’s visual senses? Try an air freshener that’s specifically designed to give your car the delightful aroma you might expect from this season.

Antenna Topper

Your antenna is prime real estate when it comes to decorating, and there are plenty of options. Santa Claus, gingerbread man, snowman, Christmas tree – just about anything you add will be a nice touch.

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Christmas Wreath

Not going with the Rudolph decoration? Then you have room to attach a Christmas wreath to your grille. Not only is it weatherproof, but it actually has a cord that can plug into a cigarette lighter.

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