Enjoy A Holiday Weekend Without Breaking The Bank

Mother and her little sons hiking trough forest .

Memorial Day is on May 30, so it won’t be long before you have a long weekend to fill. You want to make the holiday weekend as fun as possible, but you don’t love the idea of spending a ton of money to pass the time. While you could surely spend a fortune on attractions and events, you can go in the opposite direction by adding free summer activities to your schedule. Check out some ideas for having a blast in Clifton without reaching for your debit or credit card.

Take a Hike

You can take in the fresh air, sunshine, and scenery by hiking in the Clifton area. For instance, you can head to Garret Mountain Reservation in nearby Woodland Park to take on the trails. And some wildlife might join your adventure, so even if you go solo, you could end up with a hiking buddy by the end of the route.

Enjoy Lunch Outdoors

Instead of eating in a crowded restaurant during the holiday weekend, take your food outdoors. It’s funny how food tastes better when chowing down among the blue skies and sunshine. In fact, a sandwich is just as satisfying as a filet mignon when you eat it outside.

You can eat in your backyard or take your lunch to another location, such as a picnic area at Weasel Brook Park. Then you’ll get a side of breathtaking scenery to go with your meal.

Go Camping in Your Backyard

You can transform a regular night into an adventure by camping in your backyard. First, grab your camping supplies, such as a tent and comfy pillows. Then you can set up a fire to roast hot dogs and s’mores and even watch a movie under the stars before retiring to your tent. You might be a little achy the next morning, but that’s a small price to pay for spending the night in nature.

Do Some Binge-watching

Between work and school, it can be hard to keep up with your television shows during the year. Fortunately, a three-day weekend is about to come to the rescue, so you can set aside time to catch up. Then you’ll be ready to join the pop culture conversation when returning to work.

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Play Games with Your Family

Did you enjoy game nights with your family when you were a kid? Now that you’re grown up, you can introduce your offspring to the tradition. First, choose some games and go over the rules. Then set everything up, order some pizza, and go head-to-head with your family.

You can’t help but love it when your schedule and bank account are both full, and that’s what’ll happen if you add these activities to your itinerary. Then you can bounce from one thing to the next without stressing about your budget.

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