Catch Spring Fever In The Garden State

Panoramic view of Buttermilk Falls showing abundant spring runoff in Stokes State Forest, NJ

Springtime will remind you why we call New Jersey ‘the Garden State.’ There’s so much natural beauty here that it’s almost imperative to get outside and enjoy it. After a long winter, we’re looking at this list of places to catch Spring Fever in New Jersey.

Glorious Spring

In addition to places like Buttermilk Falls in Stokes State Forest (pictured), here are just a few places you don’t want to miss: Holland Ridge Farms at 86 Rues Road, Cream Ridge, NJ, began its Tulip Fest in April of 2018. This month, more than 8 million different-colored tulips will spring to life in a glorious riot of color. It’s a sight that’s surely worth seeing! Then there’s also the cherry blossoms in Essex County. The Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival features more than 5,000 Japanese cherry trees as they blossom in the spring. The festival welcomes thousands of visitors each year to Branch Brook Park in Newark and Belleville. This year’s festival will be the first  in-person celebration since the pandemic. The event runs from April 2-10.

More Than Just Blooms

The spring season does more than just allow plants to bloom and paint the state with color. It also reveals architectural treasures like St. Catharine Church at Spring Lake, which has been referred to as “the finest high-style example of Classical Revival architecture in Monmouth County.” The grounds and the lake are stunning, and well worth a visit, but you’ll come away really impressed by the church building itself, as well. Then there’s the Red Mill in Clinton, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mill is four stories tall, and the eye-catching red color of this old-fashioned grist mill is truly eye-catching. There’s also 18th- and 19th-century quarry village buildings to and other outbuildings to explore.

The Barrens

And lastly, don’t miss the legendary Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey. The Pine Barrens take up around 25 percent of the state’s land mass, and they’re a gorgeous amalgamation of wildlife, natural forest, and trails to explore.

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Explore With Us

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