Bring Your Lawn Back To Life This Spring

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Don’t leave your lawn behind in the winter, make sure your lawn is ready for the spring weather by following these simple tips and tricks from Ragan & Massey LLC., that will have your lawn looking the best on the block.

Tips For Getting A Lush Yard

Test The Soil. Testing the soil is the only way to make sure that your yard receives the necessary help. You don’t want to waste money on garden care that your yard doesn’t even need. If you’re yard is patchy and yellow from your dog, then you want the correct fertilizer to solve the issue, so test the soil today.

Wait To Mow. Mowing too often can damage your yard so you should wait to mow. Don’t just mow when it’s “mowing day” let the grass grow to new lengths so it gets more sunlight. You should also keep 3 to 4 inches of green on because it keeps moisture and shades out weed development.

Remove Weeds. Use pre-emergent herbicides on your garden and don’t give those pesky weeds a chance to grow. The pre-emergent herbicides attack the weeds before they have a chance to grow and gets rid of them before they have a chance to grow instead of after.

Use A Fertilizer. Once you’ve performed your soil test, it’s time to find the right fertilizer that can provide your yard with the nutrients it’s lacking.

Overseeding. Don’t be afraid to overseed your yard in the spring. This process is vital to make sure that your yard is lush and green. The best way to overseed is mow your yard at the lowest setting and then rake the yard to remove the dead debris. Add your seed and then water twice a day so that it can grow.

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Have A Beautiful Yard This Spring

As the weather begins to change make sure you keep up with the necessary care so that you can enjoy a beautiful yard this spring. These tips will help give you lush, green grass that will have your neighbors jealous. Keep your mowing blades sharp so that you don’t damage your grass which could lead to problems later on.

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