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Find Genuine Honda Parts Near Passaic

Cars in car shop
Whether you bought your Honda new or pre-owned, using genuine Honda parts is critical. Using genuine instead of aftermarket parts come with numerous benefits that will allow your car to maintain optimal performance. Discover the importance of using genuine parts, and then determine how to order them online or in... [read more]

Make The CR-V Your Next Family Car

Smiling man and two kids looking out the window of their new Honda
People love crossovers. Just take a look at the vehicles you’re sharing the road with, or scan a parking lot. You’ll spot more of them than you can accurately keep count of. The crossover has all but usurped all other vehicle types as the family transportation of choice, and if... [read more]

Why The Honda Accord Is The Car For You

Honda Accord
Don’t get fooled by what you see on the roads of Clifton, Paramus, and Passaic – while indeed the almighty crossover vehicle is out in full force, there is still a very active market for a longtime driver favorite – the midsize car. Take one of the best options in... [read more]

What Safety Features Does a Honda Have?

When you’re cruising around Clifton/Passaic, you have two things in mind. One, you are excited to make it to your favorite activity or attraction, and two, you want to get there safely. Hondas are loaded with safety features, so you’ll be safe as could be, whether you are going to... [read more]

Fuel Economy in the Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla

honda civic
The Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla are like the Hatfields and McCoys. They are sworn rivals, and the two vehicles seem to revel at going head to head at every opportunity. Of course, when you have two rivals, one has to come out on top. That’s true with every... [read more]

2016 Honda CR-V versus 2016 Toyota RAV4

2016 Honda CR-V vs RAV4 Clifton
Both the 2016 Honda CR-V and the 2016 Toyota RAV4 are great models, but several elements have a significant variance. Regarding space, the RAV4 is wide, but it cannot beat the Honda CR-V in performance. The Honda CR-V exceptions are in its continuously variable transmissions that make the model perform significantly... [read more]

Take Advantage of 4 Decades of Innovation with a New Honda Accord

Honda Accord New Jersey
People around the world have enjoyed driving the Honda Accord around New Jersey and other areas for four decades. Honda is celebrating a full 40 years of Accord history with the most feature-packed version of this sedan yet. You can join the celebrations by taking an Accord for a test... [read more]

What to Expect from the 2017 Accord

2017 Honda Accord Clifton
As the year 2016 starts to hit the middle of the road, automobile companies are beginning to look towards the future, and by the future, they mean the year 2017. Every year automobile companies come out with more advanced, better equipped, better quality automobiles to better serve their customers. Honda... [read more]

2016 Honda Pilot vs. 2015 Honda Pilot

2015 2016 Honda Pilot Clifton
Learn what was changed for the 2016 Honda Pilot to help decide whether you want to buy a new or used model. The 2016 Pilot actually saw a reasonable number of updates, making it well worth going with the newer version of this family-friendly SUV. Honda Pilot Weight As a three-row crossover... [read more]

Increase the Resale Value of Your Honda

Honda’s Resale Value Passaic
Whether you plan to sell your Honda in the near future or simply know you will do so eventually, you will want to make an effort to keep its resale value high. This is a smart way to ensure that you get the most from your investment. It can be... [read more]