Playlists For Productivity

Happy woman with headphones surfing the net on desktop PC at night.

The start of a new year can be very busy. From tasks at work to tasks around the house, it can be difficult to focus on just one thing and not let your mind wander. A great trick to stay on task and lessen the distraction of daydreaming is to listen to a playlist while you work. Spotify has some great playlist options and we’ve pulled together a few you might like.

Playlist For Gamers

Video game soundtracks are designed to help you focus on the game and goal. Whether it is beating the boss or just getting to the next level, these songs will make you feel like you can achieve any goal. They are perfect for listening to while working on daily tasks.

Playlist For Classical Lovers

The great thing about Spotify is that there are so many genres. You can go from video game soundtrack endurance to zoning in with Mozart. Classical music can be relaxing, but it can also be driving and powerful to help keep you awake and focused.

Playlist For Sci-Fi Fanatics

Have you ever watched a Sci-Fi movie and noticed the music seems to be a background noise? Soft sounds, atmospheric noises, and eerie vibes can help keep your mind on track without distracting you from your tasks. These are great playlists to provide some sound to an empty room without needing too much attention.

Playlist For Movie Buffs

Check out a Thomas Newman Soundtrack playlist to hear some of the best movie pieces. These songs are not overpowering and can fit into your tasks to provide focus and encouragement to get things done. Songs like “Finding Nemo,” “The Green Mile,” and “What A Wonderful World,” will keep you going throughout the day.

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Playlist For Hip-Hop Lovers

Low-Fi HipHop is an interesting playlist with energetic songs, but not energetic enough to get you up from your desk and moving. Catchy tunes meet a chill vibe to help you stay focused and driven to complete the task at hand.

Spotify has so many productivity playlists to help you get through your day. Scientific studies have been done on the effects of music and productivity. Some songs could have an effect on endurance while exercising. Other genres like classical music can help keep you focused on work while keeping you energized.