Ease Into Fall With These Low-And-Slow Recipes

Tortellini Soup

Have you noticed that some foods seem to be designed for certain seasons? For instance, fresh fruit is fantastic in the summer, and chestnuts and winter go together. But, when it comes to fall, you can’t beat slow-cooked recipes. The warm and inviting fragrances make your house feel comfy and cozy during the cool season. Get the details on some of the tastiest recipes you can make this season.

Osso Buco

Osso buco translates to “bone with a hole.” The translation might not make your stomach growl, but you will absolutely devour this dish. The marrow-filled bone provides a rich, deep flavor that’s unlike anything else. In fact, bone marrow is very popular at high-end restaurants. That means you can have a five-star dining experience by making this recipe for osso buco.

Lamb Tagine

With rich spices and savory and sweet flavors, lamb tagine is just what you need this fall. You can make this recipe for lamb tagine in a tagine cooking pot, Dutch oven, or large pot. No matter what you choose, you’ll love the blend of lamb, spices, herbs, tomato paste, and other flavors.

What if you’re short on time? You can put it in a pressure cooker instead. Set it on high and take it out in 40 minutes.

Chili Con Carne

You can fight off the autumn chill with this recipe for chili con carne. This stew has a nice kick to it, so keep your water nearby as you munch on ingredients like Chili Ancho, Chile Guajillo, Mexican oregano, and cumin. The recipe uses chuck shoulder roast, which soaks up all the flavors, so your tastebuds will enjoy every bite. You can eat it immediately once it’s done, but it’s even better the next day. The spices blend together overnight, creating a deep flavor profile. If you don’t think you can wait a day, make extra so you can have some today and tomorrow. That’s the way to compromise.

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Dutch Oven Tortellini Soup With Sausage

There’s never a bad time to have tortellini soup, but it tastes even better in the fall. There’s something about the nip in the air that makes a hearty soup even more comforting. You’ll enjoy the ultimate in flavor and comfort with this recipe for Dutch oven tortellini soup with sausage. The tortellini, spices, tomatoes, and Italian sausage taste like they were made for this creamy soup, and the Dutch oven does a fantastic job of baking in the flavors.

If possible, don’t use dry tortellini for this recipe. However, if that’s your only option, add it approximately five minutes earlier than the recipe calls for so it’ll soften. You can also substitute the tortellini for frozen mini ravioli if you want to try something different.

You’ll have the tastiest fall yet when you make these recipes. Each is full of flavors and will warm you up on cool days.

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