Rethink Your Kid’s Lunches With These Meals

kid's lunch box

When making lunch for your children, sandwiches are usually a parent’s go-to choice. After all, sandwiches are fast, easy, and offer many options. However, it’s not unusual to expect kids to grow tired of the same old thing for lunch day after day. The good news is you have options. For example, with just a little more effort, you can make something different and more exciting for your son or daughter to eat when the noontime hunger kicks in.

Food on Sticks

Have you ever thought of making kebabs for your kiddos for lunch? This may be outside the lunchbox, but it will be a hit. Make chicken, beef, or sausage a little more enjoyable by placing them on sticks and then putting them neatly in your child’s lunchbox or lunch bag. Make sure to use blunt-edged bamboo sticks, not ones with sharp points. Secondly, you can add peanut sauce for dipping. Furthermore, include some rice, sliced cucumbers, fruit, and yogurt-covered pretzels to enjoy with the kebabs.


You don’t have to limit quesadillas to dinnertime foods. Your kids will love them for lunch too. Moreover, you don’t have to serve this hot and straight off the grill. Kids enjoy quesadillas, especially ones with extra cheese. Try filling them with beans and avocado. Some kids may even like shrimp. Provide some salsa or queso for dipping too. You can also serve these with some fruit and vegetable slices. Tortilla chips also go well with quesadillas.


Instead of giving your son or daughter the traditional lunch meat between two slices of bread, try a roll-up. In fact, you don’t even need to wrap anything around the meat; you can use the meat as the wrap. Wrap ham, turkey, or roast beef around cream cheese, greens, or cheese sticks. This inventive lunch will quickly become a favorite. Plus, it’s one you can put together in no time. As you think about what to put with these wraps, consider pretzels, celery sticks, and yummy cinnamon-sprinkled apples.

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Hummus and Pita Plate

It may surprise you that kids love hummus when they try it. If your kids have yet to give it a shot, now is a good time. If they enjoy it, why not include it in their lunch from time to time? For instance, lunch is the perfect occasion for a good smear of it. It goes well with many items, including carrots, olives, salami, and grapes.

When you want a change in the lunch menu for your kids, try these options. You’ll be happy to prepare something new. Furthermore, your kids will be excited about the new additions to their lunch.

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