Learn All About Agriculture At The City Green Farm Eco-Center

Kids in a community garden

If you live in Clifton, New Jersey, you should take a moment to learn about some of the amazing things City Green is doing in the area. The organization is dedicated to growing healthy cities. Read on to learn more about their Clifton area projects.

What is City Green?

City Green is a 501(c)3 based in Clifton, New Jersey. Its mission is to revitalize the urban areas in the city. The staff plans to achieve their goal through urban farming projects combined with technical and financial support. Their ultimate hope is to economically and environmentally rejuvenate the urban communities of Clifton and provide equal access to healthy food.

What Does City Green Do?

So, how does City Green accomplish all its goals? Through a multi-pronged initiative with five focal points — educate, grow, nourish, dig in, and empower the communities they work with.

  • Educate – City Green provides nature-based learning to schools, colleges, and community members. One big achievement is their partnership with local schools. Through their joint effort, they’re able to introduce nature into urban classrooms.
  • Grow – The organization has converted urban spaces into community gardens. They grow permaculture food forests and raise farm animals.
  • Nourish – To distribute the produce they grow, City Green operates a wide network of farm stands throughout the city. This gives people access to fresh food no matter where they live.
  • City Dig In – This program provides grants to communities in Passaic county so that they can also start community gardens.
  • Empower – City Green partners with local homeless shelters and housing projects to build beautiful outdoor spaces for those who need them most.

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How Can You Get Involved With City Green?

If you’re interested in joining City Green’s initiative, there are several ways you can get involved. The first option is to visit the City Green Farm during the week. They’re open Monday through Friday. Another opportunity to get involved is to become a volunteer at one of the community gardens. You can also join the team as an intern. If dedicating extra time to the mission isn’t an option for you, you can also donate to City Green here.

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