How To Keep Pollen Out Of Your Car

Yellow pollen grains layer on car paint. Trees and flowers pollen covering car exterior in spring, witch can damage your car's paint concept.

Spring brings beautiful flowers and weather, but it also brings spring allergies that are brought on by the pollen floating in the air. According to Consumer Reports, these simple tips and tricks can help you keep your vehicle clean from pollen inside and out. So don’t let pollen wreak havoc on your everyday life check out these tips so you enjoy the fresh air.

Pollen Cleaning Tips

Clean Your Air Filter. The air filter inside your vehicle is built to screen any airborne pollutants and of course pollen. However, your air filter can get dirty and clogged which would cause it to be not as efficient at keeping out those small particles. Don’t stress if you haven’t replaced your air filter, head over to Garden State Honda and let their experienced team replace it for you, or you can change it yourself.

Wash The Exterior. The first thing you’ll notice when spring arrives is the greenish, powdery materials on your vehicle. If you leave pollen on your vehicle it can damage the top clear coat which could cause your vehicles paint to chip and crack. Don’t just wipe the pollen off your car with your hand because it can cause scratches on your vehicle, instead give your vehicle a good washing and then finish it up with a coat of wax.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed. Don’t give pollen help getting into your vehicle, keep your the windows and doors of your vehicle closed. Another tip is to keep your fan on recirculate whenever possible so you’re not filtering pollen from the outside into your cabin.

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Avoid Pollen With These Tips

When you keep the exterior of your vehicle clean you can can keep the interior clean too. The prime time for pollen to collect on your vehicle is in the morning, so keep your windows and doors shut during this time of the day. You can also bring you vehicle to the Garden State Honda dealership and allow their experienced team to give your vehicle a thorough inspection this spring. Don’t hesitate to contact them to learn more about what they have to offer.

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