Fall Tips For Car Care

Blue car on the road in the natural park. Beautiful view of the autumnal way with colorful leaves on it.

Throughout the year, you should keep your car clean, replace tires if needed, and take it to a reputable dealership, like Garden State Honda in Clifton, New Jersey, for scheduled maintenance. However, as the fall season rolls around, you’ll want to focus on a few additional things. After all, winter quickly follows fall, which means different challenges on the road.

Tire Inspection

Not only do you need good tires, but you also need to check for pressure changes. If your tires only have 4/32 of an inch remaining tread, you want to have them replaced. The other thing to remember is that in the fall, outside temperatures become cooler. As a result, tires decrease roughly one pound per square inch for every 10-degree drop. Newer vehicles have tire pressure warnings. If your car doesn’t have one, though, check the air at least once or twice a month, depending on the current weather.

Working Windshield Wipers

When it comes to fall car care tips, make sure your windshield wipers work. Not only is fall known for rain but also snow in some parts of the country. Poorly or non-working windshield wipers are more than an inconvenience. This could jeopardize your safety on the road. Along with that, keep the reservoir for the cleaning fluid full.

Certified Inspection

There are many ways that you can take care of your vehicle during the fall. Included in that is to have it inspected by a certified technician. As part of standard maintenance, the technician will top off all the fluids, check or change your oil, and inflate or rotate the tires. To ensure the safety and reliability of your call in the fall season, the technician can offer even more services. Some of the most important include checking the brakes, belts, battery cable connections, and even the lights.

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Pay Attention to Your Vehicle

As fall approaches, you’ll switch from using the air conditioner to the heater. If you notice no heat coming out of the vents, don’t wait to get it checked. The same goes for any odd noises or vibrations that you didn’t notice before.

Driving in the fall means facing a new set of challenges. There are two primary things you can do to avoid getting stuck in a ditch or perhaps getting into an accident. First, you need a solid car. The experts at Garden State Honda in Clifton, NJ, can help with that. Second, take care of the things that you can and for everything else, visit a reputable service center. A few fall tips for car care will go a long way in keeping you and your passengers safe.

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