Why Should I Want and Use Honda Sensing?

Honda Sensing New Jersey

Configure your new Honda vehicle, and you will notice that it probably offers the Honda Sensing suite. This suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive features will eventually be available across the Honda lineup. It is currently available on the Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Pilot. The suite is the perfect way to prevent a collision and reduce the impact of one if it does occur.

Get to Know the Honda Sensing Features

Before you can fully understand why you should want Honda Sensing, you need to understand the various features included in it. The Lane Departure Warning system detects if you are leaving your lane without indicating. In this case, it warns you with flashing alerts and sounds. The Lane Keeping Assist System helps you stay within the center of your lane. It can reduce your fatigue while driving by even adjusting your steering to keep you in the middle of the lane if you start to drift.

The Road Departure Mitigation System detects if you are getting too close to the road’s side at speeds of 45 to 90 miles per hour without your turn signal. The system lets you know via steering wheel vibrations. If you keep leaving the road, it will even apply braking and steering torque so you stay within your lane. Adaptive Cruise Control ensures you keep your desired following interval, meaning you don’t have to change your speed manually.

The Forward Collision Warning System relies on a small camera to detect vehicles in front. If it senses that you are in danger or a collision, it gives you visual and audio alerts. If you don’t respond, the Collision Mitigation Braking System brings your Honda to a complete stop. The warning will sound, and then it will apply brake pressure if you don’t act.

Reasons to Use the Honda Sensing Suite

Simply put, you should want to use Honda Sensing because it helps keep you and your loved ones safe. You don’t want to rely on the features, but we are all guilty of occasionally spacing out while driving or driving when drowsy. If you realize after you are already driving that you aren’t fully alert, the driver-assistive technologies will prevent a collision. It essentially serves as a backup in case you miss something while on the road or get momentarily distracted. That being said, you should always pay attention to your surroundings when driving and only use the Honda Sensing system as a backup.

Learn more about the Honda Sensing suite and its availability at Garden State Honda. While there, you can even take a Honda with this safety suite on a test drive around Clifton, New Jersey, to see how helpful the features are in real-world driving.

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