Try These Easy Hacks To The Cutest Centerpieces

Dining room table decorated for spring with yellow tulips and lemons

Bring some color and texture to your home this year with this hack! Homey Oh My has the perfect hack for anyone looking to change up some of their décor. Refresh your centerpiece in a fun and easy way to keep you, your family, and your friends interested in your table. Functional can be cute and cute can be functional!

Start with a Base

It is important to have a base that is cute and functional. Amy chose a cute marble lazy Susan as her base. This provided a functional and cute start to her hack while bringing in part of her personal style. You could choose a lazy Susan or tray that has a pattern or color for your own flare!

Add Natural Textures

To bring in some of the outdoors, Amy used copper-dipped vases to add a natural texture. By having the vases, where half was dipped in copper and the other was glass, an interesting centerpiece was starting to be built! She also used metal salt and pepper shakers. By mixing metals, natural textures can balance out the centerpiece and add some interesting texture. Another way you could do this is with stoneware or wooden accents on the centerpiece. Texture and balance can make or break refreshing your look.

Keep it Fun with Color

Add some color to your centerpiece! Amy added a teal jar and yellow freesias for a pop. You can add more muted colors if that is your vibe, like a more earthy color jar and purple flowers. Or add a jar with some pattern or multiple colors! You could also keep the flowers classic with yellow daisies or some bluebells, or just some greenery like eucalyptus or baby’s breath. No matter what you choose, just make sure to add some color to keep the centerpiece dynamic.

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Copper Dipped Vases

If you want to add the copper vases to your centerpiece, check out Amy’s DIY! All you need is glass vases, copper spray paint, some painter’s tape, and aluminum foil. This is a fun and easy way to jazz up a space! Just attach the foil with the painter’s tape where you want the line, spray with the spray paint, and let dry.

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