Top Brunch Spots in the Clifton Area

Eating breakfast at brunch spots

You don’t have to get up early for breakfast or wait for lunch. Instead, you can compromise by having brunch. Don’t go to the trouble of making it yourself. Go to one of the top brunch spots in the Clifton area. You can enjoy a great meal and you won’t have to do the dishes when you’re finished.

The Corner

You can’t go wrong with brunch at The Corner in Montclair, NJ. This gourmet café is open from 8 am until 4 pm Tuesday through Sunday. Enjoy fresh pastries, fruits, grains, eggs, and popular breakfast classics. It has some unique fresh-pressed juice options to go with your meal. In addition, the café has an assortment of tea and coffee choices.

Agamie’s Deli

Agamie’s Deli is always a popular choice when it comes to brunch. Located in Clifton, it has a full menu of breakfast and lunch options, making it easy to have a tasty brunch. Be sure to get some French toast or a platter when you stop in for brunch. Both will leave you full and satisfied.

Bonjour Montclair Café and Creperie

If you love crepes, Bonjour Montclair Café and Creperie in Montclair, NJ, is perfect for you. Along with the crepes, you can get an egg on a roll, French toast, and other delicious items. Get a fresh-squeezed juice to go with your brunch. Just make sure you are able to pay before you leave.

*This café doesn’t take credit cards, so bring your cash along or you might spend the afternoon washing dishes.

Sonoma Bistro

Sonoma Bistro in Rutherford serves up New American cuisine. It has a full brunch menu that includes soups, omelets, eggs Benedict, breakfast sandwiches, salads, sweet offerings, and more. If you’re dining with people who have a lot of different tastes, this restaurant is perfect. From the meat eater to the pancake lover, everyone will find something on the menu.

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