Book It To These Local Stores

man reading book at library

What is it about holding and reading a physical book that’s so relaxing? There’s something about flipping through those pages, getting closer and closer to the end, that e-readers can’t replicate. You can add a title or two to your reading list by visiting a local bookstore. Find out the best spots to get books in the Clifton, NJ, area. Then you can load up for the summer.

Watchung Booksellers

Watchung Booksellers is just down the road in Montclair. It’s the quintessential independent bookstore, with a cozy interior and lots of books to browse. If you have kids, they’ll love spending time in the children’s section while you look through the rest of the store. With so many books in stock, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for during your visit. Don’t worry if you don’t, though, since the staff will order it for you. Whether the book is in stock or they have to order it, they’ll wrap it for free if it’s a gift.

Along with selling books, Watchung Booksellers hosts events. Storytime for kids is always a popular event, and adults love the book signings. They keep a calendar of events on the website so that you can time your visit accordingly.

Ant Bookstore and Café

The Ant Bookstore and Café is a great place to grab a book and a baked product in Clifton. Then you can hang out on the patio and do a little reading before heading home. This bookstore stands out for its large selection of Turkish books. It also has English language books and textbooks. The staff here is friendly and helpful, making it easy to find what you’re looking for in a new book.

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Barnes and Noble

You might want to visit a larger bookstore from time to time. When that’s the case, you can stop by Barnes and Noble in Clifton. It has a vast assortment of fiction and nonfiction books, including bestsellers and classics. You can also buy movies and CDs when you’re at Barnes and Noble. Just like the books, you’ll find a large selection here.

The local Barnes and Noble also regularly hosts events, including virtual storytime on Saturdays. You can download an activity sheet from the bookstore’s website, and then your kids can get the most out of storytime. There are occasionally other events as well, and you can find them all listed on the website.

These bookstores will make it easy to add to your reading list this summer. Whether you are looking for a Turkish book, a classic, or the latest bestseller, these bookstores have you covered.

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