Take Care Of Your Skin On Even The Coldest Days

cropped shot of beautiful woman in bathrobe applying face cream

Does your skin tend to get dry or damaged in the cold winter months? It’s a normal problem, but fortunately, it’s easy to remedy. Check out some ways you can take care of your skin this winter. Then your skin will be soft and healthy, no matter how cold it gets.

Use a Humidifier

There isn’t nearly as much humidity in the air during the winter, which is one reason you end up with dry skin. Thus, set up a humidifier to moisten the air and hydrate your skin. You can get a single humidifier and place it in the room that you use the most. However, you might want to get a couple if you split time between rooms.

Take Lukewarm Showers

Nothing feels better than a hot shower during a cold winter morning. However, the heat from the shower can dry out your skin, so stick with lukewarm water. You can also use moisturizing products in the shower to nurture your skin.

Apply Sunscreen

You know you need to wear sunscreen in the summer. However, you probably think you can put it away during the winter. In reality, the UV rays can damage and dry out your skin in the winter, so it’s a good idea to slather some on before going outside.

Moisture Your Hands After Washing Them

People tend to wash their hands quite a bit during the winter. Unfortunately, all that handwashing can dry out your skin. Thus, apply a moisturizing cream after washing your hands. Do this each time you wash so you’ll keep your hands hydrated and healthy.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you don’t get enough fluid, you’ll become dehydrated. As a result, your skin will dry out. You can combat this problem by making sure you drink plenty of water all winter. If you have trouble keeping up, carry a reusable water bottle around with you. Then you can continue to fill it throughout the day.

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Get Plenty of Sleep

Your body regenerates when you’re asleep. Thus, one of the keys to healthy skin is getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it’s normal to get a bit sleep-deprived at this time of the year. The sun goes down so early that your internal clock can end up out of whack. That, in turn, can make you feel tired throughout the day. Because it’s a tiring time of the year, go to bed an hour earlier than usual. That will make it easy to get the extra rest you need right now.

Keep these tips in mind throughout the winter. If you incorporate them into your life, you should maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

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