Spend Your Summer at These Awesome Montclair Attractions

Montclair, New Jersey is a small suburban gem to the people here. It gives you the New York City vibe without all the traffic and intensity. Located in this small city are some of the yummiest food joints and the best shopping in the whole state! Check out the list of some of the top Montclair attractions to spend your summer days!

Dining Options

Not only does this amazing city have great Nightlife options but, it also has some of the best dining choices as well! With a variety of different cultures to choose from Montclair showcases some of the best dining options! Some of the yummiest pizza in the state can be found at Ah’ Pizz Pizzeria! Make sure while you are there you also, try their Nutella dessert pizza! If you are looking for some excellent Cuban cuisine make sure you check out Cuban Petes and indulge in their various sangria flavors! Finally, if you are looking for some tasty brunch make sure you check out Raymond’s Restaurant. This hole in the wall though it might look tiny on the outside is a Montclair staple for the locals.


If you ever find yourself in the Montclair, you will have a variety of bars and lounges to choose from. The environment and ambiance that these bars have all vary and cater to exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for a night on the town or a single cocktail after work, Montclair has exactly what you will need! One of the best spots in town is known as a modern Irish themed bar known as Egan and Sons! This bar offers many different drink options and a menu of some of the unique dishes! For all, you live music lovers make sure you check out Just Jakes. This fun bar has a giant dance floor and stage that showcases live music almost every night of the week! If you are looking for more of a lounge atmosphere make sure you check out DVL Longue! This lounge lets off a jazzy type environment and tends to be more of an older crowd.


Although dining and cocktails are fun they aren’t always as relaxing as you would hope. Lucky for you, Montclair is also home to some awesome theaters and museums you can hang out at! The Van Vleck House and Gardens is a beautiful way to spend your sunny summer days! If you are planning on hanging indoors make sure you check out the Montclair Art Museum for some awesome exhibits and modern works! Finally, if you are looking to catch the latest film at the Bow Tie Bellevue Cinema!


With all these amazing choices it is going to be hard to make a decision on how you want to spend your days. Make sure while also, in the area you check out Garden State Honda for all your automotive needs!

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