Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at These Destinations

Desserts at a pastry shop for your sweet tooth

Meals are great, but sometimes, you crave something a little sweeter. If you’re in the mood for dessert, stop by one of these New Jersey dessert shops. These spots are certain to satisfy your sweet tooth.

DeRoLicious Delights

Your sweet tooth will be beyond satisfied if you stop by DeRoLicious Delights in Clifton, NJ. All of the baking is done at the shop, so you know you will get fresh baked goods when you stop here. Choose from apple turnovers, brownies, cannoli, red velvet cupcakes, and more. You can also buy pastries, cookies, and other goodies by the pound, or even pick up an entire cheesecake. With so many choices, you will get the biggest sugar rush of your life.

Nablus Sweets and Pastries

You can also get quite the sugar rush at Nablus Sweets and Pastries in Paterson, NJ. The shop serves up authentic Middle Eastern sweets, and all are fresh and handmade. If you want something that is a little bit different, this is well worth the visit; there’s a good chance you will find a new favorite dessert during your visit.

Cake and Cone

The name really says it all. Get a cake or a cone at Cake and Cone in East Rutherford. Actually, the name really only tells part of the story. You can also get ice cream sundaes, slushies, homemade Italian ice, ice cream soda floats, and more. Plus, you don’t get standard cakes here; instead, you get delicious ice cream cakes. Choose from round and sheet ice cream cakes. The shop even has funnel cakes, fried Oreos, fried apple pies, and other tasty treats. You can even get some regular food, such as chicken fingers, nachos, and burgers.

Sweet treats are delicious, but they are gone in minutes. On the other hand, sweet rides last for years and years. Visit Garden State Honda in Clifton/Passaic, NJ so you can get a sweet ride to accompany you whenever you stop for a sweet treat.


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