Visit The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Imagine getting to enjoy irises as far as the eye can see without spending any money. That’s just what you can do at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens. This nonprofit living museum is free to the public, although it does accept donations. Along with the gardens, you can visit the Walther House for free when you visit. The house has a museum shop that you’ll want to see before you leave.

Get some information on the gardens, and make your plans to visit.

Walking Along the Paths

The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens has beautifully organized paths. As you walk along the paths, you will be introduced to different types of irises, with each group labeled. The label includes the:

  • Cultivator
  • Hybridizer
  • Year of introduction or hybridization

You will be amazed by how many of these markers you see. The gardens contain about 3,000 registered varieties of irises in all, so you will see more irises in this trip than you’ve seen in your entire life.

As you walk along, you’ll want to focus on each plant you see, but look at the big picture as well. The gardens were designed to symbolize the Greek goddess Iris. She was the goddess of the rainbow, and you can see her in the garden’s rainbow colors. Step back and check it out.

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About the Garden

When you walk along the gardens, you’ll probably wonder how they came to be. What caused someone to take the time to plant and maintain all these irises?

Well, it can all be traced back to Frank Presby. He advocated for the formation of the American Iris Society. When it was finally formed, he served as the treasurer. He unexpectedly died in 1924, and local residents wanted to memorialize him with a garden.

American Iris Society President John Wister helped with the garden’s design and even donated the majority of the garden’s historical irises. In addition, local residents brought in their own flowers to add to the garden.

The end result was one of the most gorgeous gardens in the country.

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