9 Reasons You Should Be A Honda Owner

Smiling man and two kids looking out the window of their new HondaThere are many solid reasons that Honda is such a mainstay in the automotive world. This brand is built on a foundation of excellence stretching back to its earliest days of auto manufacturing – and it has only improved over time. Today’s Honda vehicles stand out for their quality, reliability, and lasting value. They also deliver tons of cutting-edge features and creature comforts galore. They prioritize safety, as well, packing in advanced technology to boost driver awareness and keep occupants well protected on every drive. When you’re shopping for a vehicle that hits all the right notes, it’s smart to explore the Honda lineup. From efficient cars to family-friendly SUVs, there is a Honda for every driver. Need more reasons to choose Honda? Keep reading!

Why Buy Honda?

Honda drivers are happy drivers, at least if you’re judging by their fierce brand loyalty. So, what makes this the go-to brand for smart shoppers seeking vehicles of the ultimate quality and value? It’s probably based on many different factors that vary by the customer. Still, we think these nine points are pretty compelling.

  1. Awards and Accolades. Prestigious industry awards, crash test kudos, and critical acclaim follow Honda vehicles around like starstruck fans. Honda’s list of automotive awards is so extensive, in fact, that you can pretty much assume if the award exists, a Honda has received it.
  2. Resale Value. Honda’s commitment to quality results in vehicles that keep more of their value over time. That’s definitely a point in their favor when it comes time to trade in your current Honda, or sell it so you can find your new one.
  3. Reliability. The same level of quality that lends itself to Honda’s resale value has made the brand practically synonymous with dependability.
  4. Efficiency. Designed for optimal efficiency, your Honda will save you money at the pump for as long as you drive the vehicle.
  5. Eco-Friendliness. Honda strives for green manufacturing practices, and has been recognized as one of America’s most eco-friendly automotive brands.
  6. Affordability. Honda vehicles are value-forward from the get-go without cutting corners on features and offerings. They give you tons of bang for your buck.
  7. Customer Satisfaction. Industry research has shown that Honda owners are extremely likely to stick with their favorite brand for future purchases.
  8. Safety. Honda is serious about safety, infusing its vehicles with cutting-edge protective equipment and advanced driver-assistance features. Honda models also consistently score well on crash tests and safety ratings.
  9. Style. Designed to showcase modern appeal both inside and out, Honda models are constantly being updated to keep them looking as great as they drive.

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