Honda Develops a Smart Key Breathalyzer with Hitachi

Honda Breathalyzer New JerseyTaking a key step toward preventing drunk driving, Honda has worked with Hitachi to develop a smart key breathalyzer system. This system has a built-in detector for alcohol in the smart key that allows it to confirm that the driver isn’t affected by alcohol before getting behind the wheel. This system can help pave the way for other devices to prevent drunk driving.

What the Smart Key Breathalyzer Does

The system designed by Honda and Hitachi combines an automotive smart key with a breathalyzer. The system is completely tamper-proof and can tell the difference between alternative gases and human breath. This feature prevents it from accidentally blocking a user from driving if an alcoholic gas is put by the sensor but he or she has not ingested any alcohol. The Smart Key Breathalyzer system can measure alcohol levels accurately in just three seconds, so it barely adds any time to the process of getting behind the wheel. It will also display the reading right on the information panel in the car. An added benefit of the system is that you don’t have to do the breath test inside the car; you can do it at home so you aren’t even tempted to get in the car.

Still a Prototype

Based on the images of the breathalyzer smart key that Honda has been working on, it is clear that this is still a prototype. At the moment, it seems similar in size to a typical mobile phone and slightly bulky. It could have numerous purposes future as various countries take steps to prevent drunk driving. There are definite applications in Japan, where professional drivers must pass a breathalyzer before driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States has also been working on an ignition interlock that is controlled by a detector.

You may not be able to buy Honda’s breathalyzer smart key anytime soon, but you can take advantage of other great Honda technology to keep you safe, including the Sensing Suite. The team at Garden State Honda in Clifton, New Jersey, can give you more information on the various Honda safety features and which models they are available in.