How to Grow an Herb Garden Indoors

fresh indoor herb garden

Store-bought herbs aren’t as tasty as fresh herbs are. Fresh herbs make dishes come alive, so consider growing your own herb garden. You don’t even need outdoor space for your garden. You can grow it indoors and then use your own herbs when you cook. Just follow some simple steps and your garden will be ready in no time.

Find a Spot with Natural Light

Herbs require natural light to thrive, so pick a spot that gives the garden access to sunlight. Your herbs need a minimum of four hours of sunlight a day. That means you can choose any window, except for north-facing windows. Clear off a spot next to a window and get ready to grow some herbs.

Think About Drainage

Herbs can’t thrive if they sit in water for hours at a time. You want your herbs to last, so put them in a rubber, metal, or plastic flowerpot that has drainage holes. Then, put a saucer or drain pan under the pot to catch the drainage. Otherwise, you will end up with rotten wood on your windowsill or table.

Get Your Potting Mix

You need a premium potting mix if you want your herbs to thrive. Head to a local home improvement store or nursery and get your potting soil. Add it to your flowerpots.

Make Your Herbs Comfortable

Finally, you need to make sure that your herbs are comfortable. That means you need to keep your home around 65 to 70 degrees. Don’t worry if some cold night air creeps through the window at night, though. Herbs easily handle temperature drops at night, as long as the plants aren’t touching the glass. If they touch the glass, they will freeze, though.

Basil is a little bit different. It doesn’t like the cold, so you may want to move your basil plants away from the window at night. That way, your basil will stay warm and cozy all night long.

After you set up your indoor herb garden, you’ll be ready to explore the great outdoors once again. Garden State Honda in Clifton/Passaic, NJ, will help you find your perfect travel companion. Slide behind the wheel of a new Honda and go wherever the day takes you.


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