Free Attractions to Visit in New Jersey

You don’t need money in your pocket to have a good time in New Jersey. You just need to hit up one of the state’s numerous free attractions! There are tons of options out there, but four stand out. If you find yourself around any of these attractions, be sure to stop by.

Cape May County Park and Zoo

Have you ever heard of a free zoo? It’s true. You can get into the Cape May County Park and Zoo completely free of charge. The best part about this zoo (besides the price) is that the animals aren’t boxed in like they are at other zoos. They have tons of space to roam about, so you can see them just like you would see them in the wild. Plus, everything is in great shape, which you wouldn’t expect with a free zoo. You will feel like you are at an expensive zoo when you visit the various animals and exhibits.

Heritage Glass Museum

Admission is also free at the Heritage Glass Museum in Glassboro. You might feel a little underwhelmed when you pull up in front of this museum. It’s a modest building that doesn’t look like it would offer very much. However, once you walk inside, you will see a huge collection of glass. Some of the glass dates back to the 1700s, so it is really neat to see. Beyond that, the museum is staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who will go over everything with you. If you have a glass-related question, bring it to this museum. If not, just visit and check out the exhibits! They are definitely worth seeing.

Princeton University Art Museum

The Princeton University Art Museum is an impressive place to visit. It’s like a teaching museum for the students, so you will find various works of art that represent different periods in art history. If you want to see examples of art from different periods, this is the place to go. You won’t only find obscure artists hanging from the walls, either – (though their pieces are amazing). Some of the grandmasters are featured here. So, a visit here is a treat for art enthusiasts!

Howell Living History Farm

This is easily one of the coolest free attractions in the entire state of New Jersey. The Howell Living History Farm shows people what farming was like in New Jersey from 1890-1910, and it has events throughout the year. You might come during crop planting or see the Christmas tree getting cut down. All of that is a lot of fun, but the best time to go is in the fall. The trees are gorgeous when the leaves change.

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