This Simple Swap Can Elevate Any Space

white chest of drawers

If your furniture hardware such as drawer knobs and drawer pulls are outdated, your furniture likely looks obsolete as well. You can transform the furniture to look modern and new without replacing it by applying a fresh coat of paint and swapping out the hardware. Go over the steps you need to take to refresh your furniture.

Remove the Drawers

Take out the drawers, placing a sticky note with a number on the back of each one. This will make it easy to put the drawers back in the right place when you’re done.

Remove the Hardware

Use a screwdriver to remove the drawer knobs and pulls. You will have complete control when you use a screwdriver so that you won’t slip and scratch the furniture.

Drill Holes for the New Hardware

Measure and mark the spot for the new hardware. Then drill holes into the furniture to hold the drawer knobs and pulls. Begin the process by creating a starter hole with a small bit. Then you can use a larger bit to open up the hole, so it’s the correct size.

Cover the Holes With Painter’s Tape

You don’t want to end up with paint on the inside of your drawers. Place a piece of painter’s tape on the inside of the drawers, covering the holes.

Use Wood Filler to Fill in the Old Holes

You need to fill the old holes with wood filler before you paint the furniture. Fill each hole and let it dry. The wood filler will shrink, so you will need to repeat this until it’s just above the drawer’s surface. Then sand it down with sandpaper. You want the wood filler to be completely flush with the drawers, so refill and sand until you achieve the desired look.

Freshen up the Furniture With Paint

Add a coat of paint to your drawers. This will upgrade the look instantly. You can go with a primary color or something fun and funky, depending on the style you want.

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Add the New Furniture Hardware

Finally, you’ll be ready to install the new furniture hardware. Make sure the paint is dry, and then screw the new hardware into the furniture. It needs to be tight, but don’t screw it in so hard that you split the wood.

After you install the new hardware, test it. If it works, your job is done.

This is an easy and affordable way to change up the look of your furniture. It will look much more modern, and people will think you bought new furniture.

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