Civic and Pilot Best Family Cars of 2016

2016 Honda Civic and 2016 Honda Pilot Best Family Car Award Clifton

When it comes to the automotive industry there is extreme competition for each automobile company to be the greatest. Each year there are new models of automobiles that try to overshadow the past automobile award winners. But for 2016, the Honda Civic and Pilot SUV have earned the best family car recognition from not only Parents Magazine but also from Both Parents Magazine and have been known to extremely reputable sources when it comes to their articles and publications.

2016 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is actually the North American car of the year, so it is no wonder it has received other rewards on top of that. The Honda Civic offers fuel efficiency, small-car safety performance, design, technology and fun-to-drive performance. The Honda Civic sets a new standard for vehicles of its size and capacity. There are comparable cars to the Honda Civic but few have come close to all the Honda Civic has to offer as far as the design and safety features.

2016 Honda Pilot SUV

The Pilot SUV is known for being a very spacious, as well as innovative vehicle. The Pilot SUV destroys its competitors when it comes to the testing of handling performance in the midsize SUV segment. Another important feature of the Pilot SUV is the safety features and collision safety ratings it has received since its release date.

Why Honda?

When people begin car shopping one of the essential features they look into is the safety ratings of the vehicle. Both the Honda Civic and Pilot SUV  2016 editions have been revamped and have made the top ten of the Best Family Cars List. When both of these reputable sources decide among hundreds of different vehicles who should make the list they focus primarily on safety, convenience features, performance, design, and value. If a person knows anything about Honda’s they know are extremely affordable and a person receives the full value of car’s worth back in reliability and safety.

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