Asian Cuisine Around Clifton

Clifton Asian Food

Cooking is great and all, but sometimes, you just want to go out to eat. Whether you want to go out on the town or order in, Clifton has a wide variety of Asian restaurants for you to choose from. And what’s more is that these kinds of restaurants almost always have options for those following a gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan diet. Therefore, everyone can join in on the food fun. Make plans to go to one of the following restaurants sometime this week.

Clifton Thai Restaurant

If you’ve never had Thai food before, you have to try Clifton Thai Restaurant. It’s a great place to grab lunch with rice, protein, and vegetables. Of course, you could opt for a common favorite, like pad Thai. Or, feel free to switch it up and go for something you’ve never tried before. Customers especially like the dumplings. The prices are also really affordable, so you don’t have to worry about paying a lot to eat out here. Put this restaurant at the top of your list.

Jade Garden

You know how some Chinese restaurants claim to be traditional but really aren’t? Well, that won’t happen when you come here. Jade Garden is the place to go if you’re craving some Chinese food. And who doesn’t like Chinese? Opt for fried rice or noodles to go with your main dish. Both options are incredible at Jade Garden. This place also offers a twist. While you can find authentic Chinese food here, several of the dishes have a touch of Peruvian influence. This kind of creativity is one of the main reasons why patrons love this restaurant.

Brick Lane Curry House

You can’t mention Asian food in Clifton without mentioning Brick Lane Curry House. This Indian restaurant has all of your favorite dishes. The naan here is out of this world, and you’ll want to keep ordering more and more. And with a wide variety of different curries, there’s something to suit everyone. If you’re going in a big group, you can all order different dishes and share with one another. It’s a great way to share mealtime with friends or family in a new environment.

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